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FBLFarm Bureau Life (Iowa)
FBLFrame Burst Error Length
FBLFeedback Loop (computing)
FBLFondation Biermans-Lapôtre (residence; Belgium, Luxembourg and France)
FBLFlybar Less (software; New Zealand)
FBLFull Bell Lines (coin grading)
FBLFIATA Bill of Lading
FBLFly by Light
FBLFunctional Baseline
FBLFoundation for a Better Life
FBLFrontignan Berre Location (French rental company)
FBLFederated Battle Lab
FBLFood and Brand Lab (University of Illinois, now at Cornell University)
FBLFederal Barge Lines, Inc.
FBLFuture Battle Laboratory
FBLFeature-Biased Lithography
FBLForwarding Bill of Lading
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The major objective of this research was establishment of a functional baseline and a mechanism for calibration of modern ground surveying equipment.
In December 2005, a functional baseline system (FBS) audit/reconciliation effort was completed for the JSF contract specification (JCS).
In patients with comorbid ADHD, functional baseline impairment was higher, and improvement in symptoms after 6 months of follow-up was lower.
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