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FNCATFunctional Category
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The Functional category showcases providers that deliver a wide number of use cases and cover a breadth of functionality within each biometric authentication platform including modalities offered, channels supported, and any supporting technologies and analytics built into the platforms.
Structural analysis of framing formulaic sequences revealed that similar structures are used to form this functional category across general and discipline-specific formulaic sequences.
"Within such a functional category as deodorants, the challenge for natural brands is to convince consumers to experiment with natural formulations, particularly in the face of established multinational brands with proven efficacy credentials and which represent a significant portion of the marketplace," observed Mills.
Our hypothesis for the assignment of structural Case in Pashto monotransitive constructions is that structural Case in Pashto monotransitives is assigned as a result of -features agreement between a functional category and a nominal/DP.
Kitagawa (1986), Kayne (1989) and Pollock (1989) argue for the existence of a functional category NEG in Japanese, Romance languages and English respectively.
Internal consistency for ranking each functional category on the QABF was assessed by obtaining alpha coefficients for all respondents combined, and for teachers and paraprofessionals separately (Cron-bach, 1951; Guttman, 1945).
Within this functional category, other more specific and commonly used labels (e.g., seeing-eye dog, hearing dog, seizure-alert dog, and psychiatric service dog) may reveal an individual's disability or the tasks the dog can perform; however, consistent with the ADA, the more generic label service animal grants the individual and his or her dog public access without disclosing the individual's specific disability, if desired [40].
They think those who admire such shoes 'are not really considering the shoes in their actual functional category' (109) and that if they did so they would find that the shoes look ugly.
Unisys a worldwide information technology company, announced it has been awarded a contract by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency to compete for task orders under the Total Application Services for Enterprise Requirements contract for functional category 3 - Integration and Development services.
Six firms were chosen in more than one functional category.
The functional category consists of the less familiar determiners, tense, and complementizers.
When the latest remuneration of these prices was being determined for the NHI program, the Central Social Insurance Medical Council--an advisory board to the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW)--reviewed the prices for each functional category as part of its "Guidance of Special Insured Medical Material." In total, 27 functional categories underwent reimbursement price revisions.
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