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FUNOPSFunctional Operations
FUNOPSFunctional Operational Support
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Functional operations can be limited according to the user.
The projects were completed on a "fast-track" schedule that provided for functional operations for the tenants during the construction process.
For example, "smart care" or "smart house" facilities have been developed as fully functional operations in Japan, Great Britain, and the United States, but there has been little sharing of knowledge to help foster their development.
Notwithstanding his extensive treatment of functional operations, Martin does not provide an explicit account of the advantages of adopting a functional approach, or even a functional terminology, in the analysis of syntactic structures.
The third tool is the Functional Operations Diagram.
Management involves those skills required for day-to-day functional operations.
Focus throughout the planning, design functional operations in the newly created building architecture (based on an installation located in functional and spatial program) among medical, organizational and economic aspects optimally.
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