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FSQFour Seasons Quality (hotel; Netherlands)
FSQFlow Service Quality
FSQFull Service Quality
FSQFédération de la Santé du Québec (French: Quebec Health Federation; Quebec, Canada)
FSQFitness Screening Questionnaire (US Air Force)
FSQFunctional Status Questionnaire (primary care studies)
FSQFood Safety and Quality (Animal Health and Production Compendium)
FSQFree Sale Quota (coffee trade; India)
FSQFour Star Quartet (Milwukee, WI musical group)
FSQFondation des Sourds du Québec Inc. (French: Quebec Foundation for the Deaf Inc; Quebec, Canada)
FSQFriendship Star Quilters (Maryland)
FSQFull-Spectrum Quantization
FSQFeeling State Questionnaire
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Orthotics and Prosthetics Users' Survey Upper Extremity Functional Status questionnaire.
Thus, the functional status questionnaire score was significant, while joint counts, laboratory tests, and radiographic scores were not significant in multivariable analysis of clinical predictors of mortality.
Generic questionnaires such as the Functional Status Questionnaire, (3) Extended Activities of Daily Living scale, (4) and the SF-365 are available.
Additional assessments included Timed Get Up and Go (Podsiadlo & Richardson, 1991), Perdue Pegboard (Tiffin & Asher, 1948), the Berg Balance Scale (Cole, Finch, Gowland, & Nayo, 1994), and the Functional Status Questionnaire (Jette et al.
Otitis Media may be assessed with the Otitis Media-6 (OM-6) (29) or the expanded OM-22, (30) as well as the Otitis Media Clinical Severity Index (OM-CSI), the Otitis Media Functional Status Questionnaire (OM-FSQ), and the Otitis Media Diary (OMD).
Late dementia was defined as total impairment on every item in the Functional Status Questionnaire except for sensory items.
The following instruments are shorter, but still range between 25 and 50 items: CAncer Rehabilitation Evaluation System-Short Form, European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer QLQ-C30, Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy (FACT)-Breast, FACT-General, FACT-Lung, Functional Assessment Screening Questionnaire, Functional Living Index-Cancer, Functional Status Index, Functional Status Questionnaire, Inventory of Functional Status-Cancer, Medical Outcomes Survey Short Form-36, and Pulmonary Functional Status and Dyspnea Questionnaire-Modified.
To screen for functional impairment, subscales from the Functional Status Questionnaire [29, 30] were used, including the physical function scale, which consisted of basic activities of daily living (BADL) and intermediate activities of daily living (IADL) and the social activities subscale of the social/role function scale (see Appendix for subscale items).
Two scales, the General Symptom Distress Scale (GSDS) and the Functional Status Questionnaire (FSQ), were administered preoperatively and postoperatively on days 1, 4, and 7.
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