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FESForeign Exchange Student
FESFriedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (German political foundation)
FESFunctional Electrical Stimulation
FESFire and Emergency Services
FESFlat Earth Society (band and organization)
FESFaculty of Earth Sciences (Saudi Arabia)
FESFluent English Speaker
FESFalls Efficacy Scale (psychometrics)
FESFlywheel Energy Storage
FESFirst-Episode Schizophrenia
FESFlared End Section
FESFront End Supervisor
FESFamily Expenditure Survey (UK)
FESFakulta Ekonomicko Spravni (Czech: Faculty of Economics and Administration)
FESFat Embolism Syndrome
FESFear Effect Sedna (gaming)
FESFactor Evaluation System
FESFuzzy Expert System
FESFocus Error Signal
FESFront End Server
FESFast Ethernet Switch
FESForest Enterprise Scotland (UK)
FESFollett Educational Services (Woodridge, IL)
FESFriends of Environment Society (Jordan)
FESFederal Extension Service (various organizations)
FESFlorida Engineering Society
FESFront End System
FESFixed Earth Station (satellite operations)
FESForestry Environmental Studies (Yale University; New Haven, CT)
FESFull En-Suite (real estate)
FESFirst Energy Solutions (various locations)
FESFastiron Edge Switch (Foundry)
FESFront-End Software
FESFire and Explosion Strategy (various locations)
FESFirst Epileptic Seizure (neurology)
FESFundacion para la Educacion Superior (Spanish: Foundation for Higher Education)
FESFiber Ethernet Switch (network management)
FESFanless Embedded System
FESFrisbie Elementary School (Wolcott, CT)
FESFlash Evaporator System
FESFluids Environmental Services (various companies)
FESFlorida Engineering Services, Inc (Miami, FL)
FESField Engineering Service (various organizations)
FESFlextronics Enclosure Systems (division of Flextronics)
FESFlorida Entomological Society
FESFlex Enterprise Services (Adobe)
FESFestina Watches (Tour De France cycling sponsor)
FESV-FES Feline Sarcoma Viral/V-FPS Fujinami Avian Sarcoma Viral Oncogene Homolog
FESFuels Enterprise System (US DoD)
FESForce Embedded Server (Force Computers)
FESFixed End System
FESIron Sulpher
FESFront End Screening
FESFine Error Signal
FESFleet Exercise Section
FESForced Entry Switch
FESFree Enterprise System, Inc. (Jeffersonville, IN)
FESFluids Experiments System
FESFloor Elevation Survey
FESFleet Electronics Shop
FESFlorida Engineering Solutions, Inc (San Antonio, FL)
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