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EACM managed USD 3.9bn in a combination of long-only and fund of hedge funds strategies.
However, MichaE1/2l Malquarti, co-fund manager at Altin, the Anglo-Swiss fund of hedge funds company, welcomed the reduction in fees.
Man Group's fund of hedge fund arm, FRM, has been selected to manage the portfolio following a due diligence process which assessed its investment expertise, quality of personnel, investment process and ability to service clients.
Mustafa Jama, chief investment officer (CIO) of the $16.5 billion fund of hedge funds group at Morgan Stanley Alternative Investment Partners in New York, reports that funds of hedge funds are working to resolve one of the biggest reservations institutions have with the investment class: "The big funds of hedge funds are demanding fee concessions from the underlying hedge fund managers.
"These larger investors tend to have more internal resources dedicated towards hedge funds, giving them the platform and expertise to construct their own single-manager portfolio, rather than relying on the expertise of fund of hedge funds managers."
The launch of the global fund of hedge funds demonstrates the strategic decision of China International Capital Corporation, the parent of CICC Investment Management, to expand its investment management business globally.
Liongate Capital Management, the award-winning fund of hedge funds manager, today announces the opening of its Dubai office and the award of a license by the DFSA (Dubai Financial Services Authority) to operate from the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC).
[check] DECIDE if your client would be better off with a tailored hedge fund portfolio or an initial investment in a fund of hedge funds.
RBS had potential losses of Au400m through lending to fund of hedge funds. Santander had e1/42.33bn of its Optimal Strategic fund exposed, with both institutional and international private clients affected.
A fund of hedge funds is an investment company that invests in hedge funds--rather than investing in individual securities.
Hot on the heels of the recent launch by Daiwa Asset Management Company, the second largest asset manager in Japan after Nomura Asset Management, with funds under management of $96.34 billion, of the Daiwa FTSE Shariah Japan 100 ETF, comes the launch at end June of the Islamic Fund of Hedge Funds by Barclays Capital and Shariah Capital Inc.
Two examples of relatively new issues in the fund of hedge funds arena are AcenciA Debt Strategies and GAM Diversity Fund of Hedge Funds Tracker ( Sterling Note, both of which trade on the London Stock Exchange.
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