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FUPFull Upright Position
FUPFirenze University Press (Italy)
FUPFair Use Policy
FUPFair Usage Policy
FUPFirmware Update
FUPFonds Unique de Péréquation (French: Former Unique Equilization Fund)
FUPFunktionsplan (German: Logic Diagram)
FUPFront Underrun Protection (automotive device)
FUPFile Utility Program
FUPForming-Up Point
FUPFreshman Urban Program (various colleges and universities)
FUPFree Unit Packs
FUPFixed Unit Price
FUPFree Use Permit
FUPFrequently Used Program
FUPFacility Utilization Plan
FUPFraction Unbound in Plasma (pharmacokinetics)
FUPFirst Usage Phase
FUPFull Up Power Pack
FUPFollow-Up Post
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Mobileums EU Regulation enabler not only ensures compliance with EU regulations on roaming, but also helps CSPs to proactively offer a Roam-Like-at-Home tariff to roamers, with set limits that can be monitored and capped using the FUP (fair usage policy) feature to guard against service misuse, according to V.V.R.
Turabi expected the FUP to be the nucleus of the comprehensive unity of Sudanese parties, urging for upholding the spirit of collaboration for the sake of the home country.
As such, the subscribers and the service providers are free to enter into a contract - the terms of which can include the network provider's FUP. The subscribers, however, should be informed clearly of said terms, whether prepaid or postpaid.
In contrast to this, the coordinate-momentum Heisenberg's Uncertainty Relation [DELTA]x[DELTA]p [greater than or equal to] [??]/2 that is mathematically equivalent to the FUP [3,4], has become an extremely important cornerstone for quantum mechanics and even for modern understanding of universe.
FUP chairman, Dr Ahmed Babiker Nahar said at SUNA press forum Sunday that his party has handed over its vision over the interim period to he military council , explaining that the party proposed a 10-member sovereign council , six civilians and four military along with formation of a civilian government with full executive power so as to achieve aspirations of change, welfare and decent life for people of Sudan.
THEATRE FUP A story of family, love, loss and an overweight whiskey-swilling duck, FUP is a funny, heartwarming modern fable featuring 100-year-old Grandaddy Jake and his enormous grandson, Tiny.
Both the operators benefitted from Elitecore's Innovative use cases like Bandwidth / Volume on Demand, FUP based plans, Add-on Plan Subscription, Quota Management (Volume and Time Based), Real Time Notifications, Quota Roll Over plans etc for faster monetization.
"Our demands are not for salaries, but in defense of national sovereignty and that the company goes back to being the impulse for development of the country," FUP, the country's main oil-union federation said.
Zen added that its policy of no Fair Usage Policy (FUP) and no traffic shaping remains the same, so that Zen users can enjoy their usage allowance at the fastest speed their connection can support at anytime, no matter what type of application and service they want to access or what type of media they wish to access.
These functions, called Fup basis functions, are one type of Rvachev's or atomic basis functions.
The FUP umbrella union for oil workers said the strike would not stop production, but could cause disruptions to operations at refineries or other installations.