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Production of six POL items including Jet fuel oil, Motor Spirits, High Speed Diesel, Furnace oil, Jute batching oil and LPG witnessed increase, while Kerosene oil, Diesel oil, Lubricating oil and Solvant Naptha showed negative growth, according to official data available with reporter.
T BW Yang Tze with containers, furnace oil and desel oil also arrived at outer anchorage of the port during the last 24 hours.
There are strong chances that the PSO may discontinue supply of subsidised furnace oil to KESC under the National Transmission and Dispatch Company (NTDC) programme, whereby the PSO was directed to compensate for WAPDA not being able to supply electricity to the KESC from the national grid," the spokesman said.
Refineries have reduced furnace oil price by up to Rs10,000 per ton, but power plants are forced to consume only expensive imported furnace oil.
Abbasi, which would permit power plants to lift furnace oil in stock with local refineries and those imported by Pakisan State Oil (PSO).
A senior official at the petroleum division said that despite its sincere efforts in consultation with the oil industry, the power division was not forthcoming with furnace oil consumptions.
The decision was announced after a hearing held earlier in which it requested by the Central Power Purchase Agency to reduce the power tariff in accordance to the furnace oil price.
Meanwhile four more ships Pacific Panama, Jag Lavanya, Yuan Hai and Chemroad Hope with Furnace oil, General Cargo and Phosphoric Acid also arrived at outer anchorage of Port Qasim during last 24 hours.
OCAC said Pakistan's largest refinery-Byco is closed for a third week in a row and Pakistan Refinery Limited (PRL) was compelled to recycle furnace oil so its machinery remained operational.
Berth occupancy was observed at the port at 50% on Sunday where a total of eight ships namely, MSC Federica, Safmarine Ngami, Maersk Izmir, Anthemis, New Era, Frontier Leader, Khor Gas and Pacific Lagoon were occupied PQA berths to load/offload Containers, Coal, Canola Seeds, LPG, and Furnace oil respectively.
The company announces price of imported furnace oil on fortnightly basis.
Sources told that the government had directed PSO in summer 2009 to supply furnace oil to KESC for increasing power generation, curbing power outages.