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FURPSFunctionality, Usability, Reliability, Performance and Supportability model
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Previous software quality model such are McCall model (1977) Boehm model (1978) FURPS model (1987) ISO9126 (1991) Dromey model (1996) Systematic Quality model (2003) and PQF model (2007) shown that the software quality characteristics that has been found in most models are: efficiency maintainability usability reliability functionality and portability [8].
Even, five most mentioned quality models, McCall [9], Boehm [6], FURPS [30], Dromey [8] and ISO 1926/2001 [7] had defined usability as significant factor in improving product acceptability and reliability, increasing user satisfaction, and it is also financially beneficial to companies [31].
Ademas, se han definido modelos con un enfoque que apunta a garantizar la calidad del producto, como, por ejemplo, los modelos de calidad propuestos por: Galin, McCall, Boehm, Grady con su modelo de calidad FURPS o la version extendida por IBM Rational Software FURPS+, ISO 9126 o su actualizacion ISO 25000, entre otros.