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FutureMAPFutures Markets Applied to Prediction (DARPA)
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Behind FutureMAP lie the broader flaws in the administration's domestic-preparedness policy.
And it may also be impractical to craft legislation that would perfectly protect against ideas like FutureMAP being implemented.
The outrage that followed the FutureMAP story in some sense reflected just this concern: Are people like Poindexter and Ashcroft fixated on security over any other consideration?
Connect all the names and places to all the dates and times, and once the systems become fully operational, in four years or maybe ten, the protectors of the public health and safety hope to reach beyond "truth maintenance" and "biologically inspired algorithms for agent control" to the construction of "FutureMap"--i.e., a set of indices programmed into the fiberoptic equivalent of a crystal ball that modifies "market-based techniques for avoiding surprise" in such a way that next week's nuclear explosion can be seen as clearly as last week's pornographic movie.