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FLTFoundation for the Law of Time (Ashland, OR)
FLTFaith, Love, and Trust
FLTFriendship, Love and Truth (Independent Order of Odd Fellows)
FLTFork Lift Truck
FLTFédération Luxembourgeoise de Tennis (French: Luxembourg Tennis Federation; Luxembourg)
FLTFairlight (software cracking group)
FLTFaculdade Luterana de Teologia (Portuguese: Lutheran School of Theology; Brazil)
FLTFuzzy Logic Toolbox
FLTFirst Level Technology
FLTFile Lifecycle Tracking
FLTFull Line Terminal
FLTFile Filter
FLTFermat's Last Theorem
FLTFrontal Lobe Type
FLTFreelancers Team
FLTFirst Lieutenant
FLTForeign Language Teaching (education)
FLTFirstline Therapy (therapeutic lifestyle change program for chronic diseases of aging)
FLTFinger Lakes Trail (footpath; New York)
FLTFermat's Little Theorem
FLTFull Liner Terms (charter)
FLTFull Length Transcript (genetics)
FLTFull Load Torque
FLTFairfield Language Technologies
FLTFull Line Terminal (Cisco)
FLTForest Leadership Team
FLTFeels Like Today (song)
FLTFunny Little Thing (OS bugs during Apollo G/S development)
FLTFrequency Line Tracker
FLTFirstline Trust (CIBC Mortgages and Lending subsidiary, Toronto, Canada)
FLTFunctional Level Test
FLTFoothills Land Trust (est. 2002)
FLTFriday Lunchtime Talk
FLTHarley-Davidson Tour Glide motorcycle model
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All figures created in the Fuzzy Logic Toolbox in MATLAB software are illustrative.
[31.] PDF Documents on Fuzzy Logic Toolbox of Matlab 7.10.0, http://www.mathworks.com/.
The simulation of the algorithm was done in Fuzzy logic toolbox of Matlab 7.6.
The inputs are accepted through a form designed in visual basic and exported to MatLab in which fuzzy logic toolbox computes the membership function parameters that best allow the fuzzy inference system to track the given input / output data.
In section 4, the new rule is applied using the MATLAB fuzzy logic toolbox. The simulation results for both most popular scheduling rules and new scheduling rule are provided in section 5.
Fuzzy Logic Toolbox from MATLAB is used to build the CDISI fuzzy Inference System using Mamdani method [21].
Table 7 shows the limits that the authors calculated using the Matlab fuzzy logic toolbox.
We evaluated in Fuzzy Logic Toolbox ten entries associated with a numeric value which is within a domain (0, 2000), this guarantees the inclusion of the significant values of the sample chosen by the previous algorithm.
For checking of the results reliability we carry out experimental calculation in environment Fuzzy Logic Toolbox, included in structure of the software package MATLAB, which contains a set of GUI-modules ensuring realization of identification in a dialogue mode.
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