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FvFFreunde von Freunden (German: Friends of Friends; international interview magazine)
FvFFilm/Video Festival (various locations)
FvFFinal Value Fee (eBay auctions fee - based on a percent of the final selling price)
FvFFractal Video Frame
FvFFinal Value Fee
FvFFlexible Vertex Format
FvFFederación Venezolana de Fútbol (Venezuelan Football Federation)
FvFFederatie voor Verzekerings- en Financiële (French: Insurance and Financial Federation; Belgium)
FvFFlexible Vertex Format (programming)
FvFFormation Volume Factor (oil & gas risk management)
FvFFuture Vs. Fantasy (Quake modification)
FvFFaction Vs Faction (gaming)
FvFFalklands Veterans Foundation (UK)
FvFFranklinville Volunteer Fire Department
FvFFull Virginia Flake (tobacco)
FvFFiber Volume Fraction (composite material)
FvFFarmville Freak (gaming)
FvFFlexible Vertex Flags (DirectX)
FvFFarmville Feed (gaming)
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La evidencia da cuenta de una mayor facilitad al realizar tareas de FVS que de FVF y esto pareceria deberse a que, al momento de realizar la tarea, bastaria con que se active y recupere la informacion siguiendo el mismo criterio con el que esta fue almacenada.
Since IVF often results in multiple gestation, it is quite likely for a single FVF birth to produce two (or more) children.
Dissolved gas Saturation GOR (s[m.sup.3] Gas solubility mole fraction pressure /[m.sup.3]) (s[m.sup.3]/[m.sup.3]) (MPa) 0.0058 2.9 19 0 0.158 4.5 42 23 0.412 8.0 113 94 0.439 8.4 125 106 0.521 9.9 158 139 0.595 11.4 221 202 0.641 12.6 263 244 0.826 19.7 875 856 Dissolved gas FVF ([m.sup.3] SF ([m.sup.3] mole fraction /[m.sup.3]) /[m.sup.3]) 0.0058 1.087 1.074 0.158 1.143 1.130 0.412 1.308 1.292 0.439 1.336 1.320 0.521 1.409 1.392 0.595 1.546 1.527 0.641 1.634 1.614 0.826 2.694 2.668 Table 3: Density and viscosity data of simulated oil at 0.1 MPa.
A FVF based output capacitorless LDO regulator with wide load capacitance range.
The [T.sub.brain] was measured using a thermistor that was inserted into the brain and connected to a multimeter (Fluke, 289 FVF, Brazil).
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