FW-190Focke-Wolf-190 German WWII Fighter
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In January 1944, over the Anzio beachhead, Baugh along with his wingman were credited with a victory for shooting down a German FW-190 fighter-bomber.
Levesque (later commissioned) was perhaps the first Allied airman to tangle with and identify the then new FW-190 German fighter aircraft.
Hall of Brazil, Indiana, shot down an FW-190, the first enemy fighter downed by a 99th pilot.
The good news was of the shooting down of an FW-190 by Lieutenant Hall, "the first 'Negro American' to shoot down a plane in aerial combat.
It was equipped with Curtiss P-40 Warhawks, obsolete aircraft compared to the standard Bf 109s and FW-190s flown by the Luftwaffe.
The first Canadian to bring down a FW-190 became involved in several scraps, including one that ended at low level when his engine stalled and he plunged into the English Channel and later to be taken prisoner.
Three days later, MacKay was engaging an FW-190 at low level when the pilot lost control and crashed.