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FXOForeign Exchange Office
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He explained, "The vHandi(TM) comprises of: FXO RJ-11 port, Ethernet RJ-45 port, USB mini port .
List price for the 4 UCM6100 series IP PBX models are: UCM6102 (2 FXO ports, 30 concurrent calls) US$399; UCM6104 (4 FXO ports, 45 concurrent calls) US$499; UCM6108 (8 FXO ports, 60 concurrent) US$949; and UCM6116 (16 FXO ports, 60 concurrent calls) US$1,799.
where [DF.sub.LCV,FXO] is the ratio of the leaky check-valve opening to the FXO opening, C is a discharge coefficient, [A.sub.FXO] is the FXO throat area, [A.sub.LCV] is the opening of the leaky check valve, [[??].sub.cycle] is the refrigerant mass flow rate (which can be measured using a virtual refrigerant mass flow rate sensor), [rho] is refrigerant density, [P.sub.up] is the upstream pressure, and [P.sub.down] is the downstream pressure.
"We are using the AudioCodes Mediant 800 to host our home-grown IP-PBX software on its embedded ATOM CPU, while also using its integrated Media Gateway FXS and FXO ports and data routing functions.
While "Fxo NFL Sunday" and "The NFL Today" are hourlongs, cablers have the luxury of extending their pregame shows to nearly Super Bowl proportions.
The solution has been designed to meet the market-specific and technical-specific needs of maritime GSM and is available in various configurations, including voice over IP (VoIP) and FXO port, according to the preferred satellite backhaul mode.
The AudioCodes Mediant 1000 is a highly scalable and modular media gateway that in this application, converts the Broadvox SIP Trunking services to a wide range of traditional TDM telephone line interfaces including T1/E1, CAS, PRI-ISDN, BRI-ISDN, analog FXS and FXO. Supporting up to 120 ports, the Mediant 1000 fits many SMB and enterprise communications needs.
And lastly, one of my greatest treasures is a full auto, all original, MP40 submachine gun with a code of fxo 41.
Finally, recognizing the symmetrical nature of interaction terms, we examine the possibility that the FxO interaction term might capture the effect of openness rather than FDI by replacing FDI with openness in the inefficiency equation.
Interface cards include 10/100/1000M Ethernet (copper or fiber), T-1/E-1 (including TDMoIP), serial data (RS-232/422/485) and VoIP (FXO and FXS).
Proportion of key omega-3 fatty acids in erythrocyte membranes from participants supplemented with fish oil (FSO) or flaxseed oil (FXO) over time of study.