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FYAFor Your Amusement
FYAFor Your Attention
FYAFor Your Action
FYAFor Your Approval
FYAFor Your Assistance
FYAFirst Year Affairs
FYAFor Your Authorization
FYAFor Your Anger (Internet slang)
FYAFuture of Youth Association (Hazel Crest, IL)
FYAflashing yellow arrow
FYAFort York Armories (Canadian Forces Reserve Base in Toronto)
FYAforskolin, yohimbine and aminophylline (topical gel)
FYAFor Your Acknowledgement
FYAFirst Year Allowances (United Kingdom Corporation Tax Act 2001)
FYAFor Your Awareness
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2011) How are young people faring 2011, Melbourne, FYA.
It is important to mention here that FyA is nationally (and internationally) recognized for the seriousness and dedication to a rigorous and inclusive curriculum and, consequently, it has implemented some curriculum changes even before the government mandated them.
FYA are Kizzi, 16, Tenza, 19, and Emma, 17, and they are about to up the ante for homegrown reggae and pop.
Meanwhile, teen trio FYA are set to tear up dancefloors throughout the coming year.
In case of reinvestment, the project will be entitled for FYA at the rate of 50 per cent of cost of PME.
In this example, the computer will search the file for all cells that are Jka, K, E, and Fya negative and PI positive.
The deal features Jamdown artists Smujji, MBC, Ward 21, Suncycle and FYA, as well as the first new studio album in almost twenty years from the legendary trombonist Rico Rodriguez.
As such, implementation of FYA indication operations across the country has rapidly increased.
I have had the grgr gr g e of of of o as f o t i ch cha f r t fo fo for fya great honour of serving as this founda-t i on 's chairman for the last five years and its mission and success are my top priorities.
Hebe deans fya - low-growing into a tidy mound up to 45cm (18in) with glossy dark foliage and a froth of lilac blooms from May to July.
Research has shown that upgrading to FYA will reduce the left turning crashes by 20%.