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LIVING below ground sounds like a Dan Dare sci-fi future except that I was guest in an underground complex 40 years ago when I spent a day at RAF Fylingdale.
Squadron Leader Ralph Dinsley, who is based at RAF Fylingdales, said: "It is so hard to predict.
FULLY EQUIPPED One of the log cabins CONTRASTS RAF Fylingdales military base in North Yorkshire and below the beautiful Robin Hood's Bay RELAXING Forest Holidays' Keldy cabin site, Cropton Forest, North Yorkshire.
Operators at the state-of-theart tracking station at RAF Fylingdales, high on the North Yorkshire Moors, which happened nearly 500 miles over Siberian Russia, were attempting to assess the risk posed by the pieces of wreckage, including any danger to the manned International Space Station.
The observatory's secret military role finally came to an end in 1963 with the creation of the dedicated RAF Fylingdales warning system in Yorkshire.
1mm of rain fell at Fylingdales in North Yorkshire in a 24 hour period between June 24 and 25, was followed by a similar deluge in July when Pershore College in Worcestershire saw 120.
The relic, unique in England and considered internationally significant by experts, was found after the blaze consumed two and a half square kilometres of heather moor land on the north York moors at Fylingdales, near Whitby, in September last year.
North Yorkshire police said a 'low level' protest at RAF Fylingdales had 'passed off peacefully' and people had been 'well-behaved'.
America wants to use Fylingdales radar station, North Yorkshire, for the system, dubbed `Son of Star Wars'.
Britain would be directly involved because the Early Warning Systems at RAF Fylingdales in Yorkshire would be crucial.
This work is conducted at Cape Cod Air Force Station, Massachusetts; Beale Air Force Base, California; Clear Air Force Station, Alaska; Thule Air Base, Greenland; and Royal Air Force Fylingdales, United Kingdom.
And here we take a look back at the famous "golf balls" that stood watch over the North Yorkshire Moors - at Fylingdales near Whitby - until the early 90s.