G-17Group of 17 Independent Economists (Serbia and Montenegro)
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RBC Municipal Residual Certificates (Residual Certificates) and Custodial Receipts of the RBC Municipal Products Trust Series G-17
our objectives are defined by our name, Plateau G-17 Peace and Progressive Forum.
have proposed to use postprandial serum G-17 as a highly sensitive and highly specific marker of gastric antral atrophy, and PG-1 as the criterion of gastric corpus atrophy [17-20].
A total of 26 (60%) patients with IM and 52 (53%) with GC had PG-I/PG-II ratio <6, serum level of G-17 was comparable among patients with and without IM.
Glock had just thrown gasoline on that fire in the form of the G-17 when it all came to a screeching halt.
The Democratic Party, which dominated the outgoing coalition, won 37 and the liberal G-17 Plus 34 seats.
By way of comparison, the C-5 moved more cargo and more passengers, on average, per mission than did either the G-17 or the G-141.
The G-17 is a Yugoslav economist group who supported presidential candidate, Vojislav Kostunica, and wrote the policy statements for the post-election economic reform of Yugoslavia.
But last night, head of pro-democratic group G-17 Plus, Dinkic, said 15,000 citizens had signed a petition in support of bringing state charges against all members of the federal electoral commission.
to Walter White, 22 February 1946, VA Discrimination, 1945-47, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Papers, Library of Congress, Veterans Affairs, Group II, Box G-17. Hereinafter cited as NAACP-LC, followed by the series title, group number (G), and box (Bx) where the material is located.