G-17Group of 17 Independent Economists (Serbia and Montenegro)
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our objectives are defined by our name, Plateau G-17 Peace and Progressive Forum.
have proposed to use postprandial serum G-17 as a highly sensitive and highly specific marker of gastric antral atrophy, and PG-1 as the criterion of gastric corpus atrophy [17-20].
A total of 26 (60%) patients with IM and 52 (53%) with GC had PG-I/PG-II ratio <6, serum level of G-17 was comparable among patients with and without IM.
I have a G-17 that I use to win bets on shooting at (and hitring) 75- and 100-yard steel plates.
Con la finalidad de entender que es lo que esta implicado en la situacion descrita, asi como de conocer los alcances del proyecto, el 28 de octubre de 2003 el G-17 envio una carta a Pemex, a traves de Garaicochea, en la que pide a la paraestatal detallar los resultados de la exploracion, en la zona de Chicontepec, de los campos Amatitlan-Profeta y Tzapotempa-Vinazco, trabajo que realizo Schulemberger, asi como los terminos de la concesion entregada a este consorcio internacional.
The impression the G-17 like to give is that it is an independent and Yugoslav-oriented group.
But last night, head of pro-democratic group G-17 Plus, Dinkic, said 15,000 citizens had signed a petition in support of bringing state charges against all members of the federal electoral commission.
The CDA has been requesting the NHA to construct to underpasses to link G-16 with H-16 and G-17 with H-17, the new residential sectors to be developed.
The complainant maintains that he purchased the land in Sector G-17 and entered a joint agreement with the SCECHS to develop it for the latter.