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G-2Group of 2
G-2Army or Marine Corps Component Intelligence Staff Officer (Army division or higher staff, Marine Corps brigade or higher staff; US DoD)
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With most of the attacks occurring in the Baghdad province, this allowed the G-2 to preserve the existing effort within the most probable area of concern.
While sustaining the ESC's inherited program, the G-2 brainstormed new methods to expand and improve the program.
The G-2 section came to the consensus that employing economy of force by taking a three-pronged strategy was the best solution.
Division-North, the ESC G-2 employed the sometimes underused counter-IED platform technologies that are held at the division level.
Several protesters, including David Bryden and John Friedrich, say their actions have been observed and photographed by Guatemalans in dark suits and sunglasses whom they suspect work for G-2.
Attorney Danilo Rodriguez and human-rights activist Jorge Recinos accused him of directing a drug-trafficking ring, dealing in stolen cars, and heading a death squad, all during his tenure as chief of G-2.
Other officials, though, say that at least during the mid-1980s G-2 officers were paid by Jack McCavitt, then C.
The G-2 and a smaller, affiliated unit called the Archivo have long been openly known in Guatemala as the brain of the terror state.
If the G-2 wants to kill you, they kill you," former army Chief of Staff Gen.
In fact, the use of PENN G-2 in renovating Pinehurst No.
PENN G-2 greens, however, have excellent heat tolerance and can be cut to within one-eighth inch of the surface, which makes for fast, consistent greens even under stressful environmental conditions.
Pinehurst started the renovation process by testing PENN G-2 on its practice and putting greens.