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G-20Group of 20 (Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, México, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Korea, Turkey, the United Kingdom, United States and European Union)
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Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has urged the G-20 member countries to remain united at the World Trade Organization ministerial talks on trade liberalization next month in Hong Kong.
Attempting to respond to such concerns, the G-20 claims a 'high degree of representativeness and legitimacy' on the grounds that its members are drawn from all continents, comprise two-thirds of the world's population, and account for 90 per cent of the worlds Gross National Product.
Protestors complained that several people were bitten by police dogs, a reporter was hit on the head with a police night-stick and others were beaten during a peaceful demonstration to protest monetary politics of the G-20.
Japan convinced other G-7 members and the IMF to welcome Indonesia into the G-20 forum, citing that newly elected government of President Abdurrahman Wahid has shown strong commitment to economic reform.
The print ad details Argentina's failure to act as a responsible G-20 member in the following ways:
Many of the members of the G-20, which include countries like Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, the UK and the US as well as the EU, have arguably respectable records of fundamental freedoms such as freedom of speech and freedom of the press.
We cannot let recovery stall, which is why I will be asking G-20 leaders in Brisbane to do more.
In September 2014, the G-20 agreed to a Global Infrastructure Initiative to increase quality investment, particularly in infrastructure.
It was stated that Australia, as the current president of the G-20, is making every effort to ensure that the summit agenda is effectively streamlined and focused on key issues and critical economic challenges, including ensuring that the global output cap is not closed, efforts are made to reduce unemployment (given that there are 62 million less jobs and 300 million people looking for jobs worldwide), reduce the existing large infrastructure gap between developed and developing nations, and look for ways to convince the private sector to invest confidently in the global economy.
Expectations have been growing that Japan will escape direct criticism for the Bank of Japan's bold monetary easing steps announced earlier this month under new governor Haruhiko Kuroda in a statement to be issued at the end of the G-20 meeting Friday local time, the dealers added.
Besides above, the Finance Minister Shri Chidambaram will also be addressing the Investors Meet in Sydney after the conclusion of G-20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting on 23rd February, 2014.
Obama sought to take advantage of the G-20 summit to drum up support for his plan to take military action even without U.