G-21Group of 21 (Non-Aligned Nations in the Conference on Disarmament)
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Gruevski's nationalistic politics favors the anti-Albanian and anti-Greek processes but this must stop," said Biljali, member of G-21.
45 and didn't have "strangler's hands" you could send your G-20 or G-21 off to Robar and have the frame whittled down--thereby voiding the gun's warranty.
The G-21 would have resulted in few benefits for Peru, according to Comex's Mulder.
trade officials should reconsider including G-21 countries such as Brazil, which is identified by some as a ringleader in the G-21 opposition movement, in the Free Trade Area of the Americas Agreement.
Following the failure at Cancun (see NotiCen, 2003-09-18), there was diplomatic and journalistic speculation as to whether the G-21 would endure.
Deputy Rene Arce of the center-left Partido de la Revolucion Democratica (PRD) suggested that Mexico formalize its participation in a bloc of developing nations, especially those that had a high profile in Cancun through the G-21.
At the same time, Pacer 19, a G-21, was positioned on a taxiway, which was located 1,900 feet from the approach end of the runway the F-15s were on.
To request an application or for more information, contact: Ronnie Davis, Department of Tennessee, G-21 War Memorial Bldg.
Lambah attended the G-21 meeting in New York last weekend to discuss details of a post-Taliban regime in Afghanistan.
Summary: ABU DHABI - The UAE General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) has released the preliminary report about the accident of American Grumman G-21 amphibious aircraft which crashed last month at Al Ain Airport.
Lula said that the G-21 had waged "a political and commercial battle with the so-called developed bloc" for more just conditions in international trade.
Mr Fischler had earlier blamed the G-21 for failing to move beyond merely requests, and not taking responsibility for their own duties.