G-21Group of 21 (Non-Aligned Nations in the Conference on Disarmament)
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RBC Municipal Residual Certificates (Residual Certificates) and Custodial Receipts of the RBC Municipal Products Trust Series G-21
Gruevski's nationalistic politics favors the anti-Albanian and anti-Greek processes but this must stop," said Biljali, member of G-21.
During that time, if you wanted a Glock in .45 and didn't have "strangler's hands" you could send your G-20 or G-21 off to Robar and have the frame whittled down--thereby voiding the gun's warranty.
The G-21 would have resulted in few benefits for Peru, according to Comex's Mulder.
trade officials should reconsider including G-21 countries such as Brazil, which is identified by some as a ringleader in the G-21 opposition movement, in the Free Trade Area of the Americas Agreement.
India was one of the leaders of the G-21 group of developing nations that virtually refused to negotiate at Cancun until the EU and the United States agreed to scrap their farm subsidies.
The recent curtailment of the World Trade Organization (WTO) meetings at Cancun was credited to the cohesiveness of a group of developing countries, known as the G-21, that mounted a fierce opposition to what they deemed unfair agricultural trade practices on the part of the US, Europe, and, to a lesser extent, Japan.
Mexico was a member of the Group of 21 (G-21), a coalition led by Brazil, India, and China, that diverted the spotlight to the unfair farm subsidies.
At the same time, Pacer 19, a G-21, was positioned on a taxiway, which was located 1,900 feet from the approach end of the runway the F-15s were on.
To request an application or for more information, contact: Ronnie Davis, Department of Tennessee, G-21 War Memorial Bldg., Nashville, TN 37243 or call (615) 242-5851.
Lambah attended the G-21 meeting in New York last weekend to discuss details of a post-Taliban regime in Afghanistan.
Summary: ABU DHABI - The UAE General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) has released the preliminary report about the accident of American Grumman G-21 amphibious aircraft which crashed last month at Al Ain Airport.