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G-3Group of 3
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The G-3 sheetfed division uses printing presses supplied by Heidelberg.
The G-3 reorganization was effective on 15 October 2002.
The G-3 has developed a separate mission statement to reflect its assigned responsibilities: to be the principal staff responsible for preparation and sustainment of warfighting in peace and war today and tomorrow.
Abbott scientists plan to describe the five types of hepatitis G-3 at an international symposium on viral hepatitis and liver disease later this month in Rome.
The debt was issued via private placement in 2001 and 2002 and the proceeds have been used by the NFL to provide additional private funding for the construction of new football stadiums through support of the NFL's G-3 Stadium Finance Program.
Silanis, the world leader in automating business approval processes, announced today that the Department of the Army, G-3 Collective Training Division has deployed Silanis' electronic approval software for electronic ammunition requests under the Training Ammunition Management Information System - Redesigned (TAMIS-R).
30,000,000 subseries G-3 rated 'AAA/F1+' based on an LOC provided by WestLB AG, acting through its New York Branch; and $15,945,000 subseries H-2 rated 'AA-/F1+' based on an LOC provided by The Bank of Nova Scotia, acting through its New York Agency.