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G-30Group of 30
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RBC Municipal Residual Certificates (Residual Certificates) and Custodial Receipts of the RBC Municipal Products Trust Series G-30
Also, the board will seek public comment "on condensing relevant requirements described in MSRB Rule G-30 on fair pricing, MSRB Rule G-18 on agency transactions and interpretations to MSRB Rule G-17 on fair dealing."
The electrical response of a Hastelloy G-30 electrode in boiling 12 M [HNO.sub.3] to changes in Cr(VI) concentrations was demonstrated by adding a series of aliquots of standardized chromic acid ([H.sub.2]Cr[O.sub.4]), each equivalent to 19 ppm Cr(VI).
A proposal by the G-30, which goes further than the precommitment approach in reducing the role of bank supervisors, essentially leaves the development of regulatory strategies to the market or to a small group of major international financial institutions.
The PSA asserted that payments to DTC, subject to return to paying agents upon request even if already allocated to dealer participants and by them to their investor clients, was in conflict with the goals of the G-30 recommendations seeking to reduce or eliminate such risk.
* Simple esters, such as the Loxiol G-30 series for thermal stability, low water sensitivity, and replacement of amide waxes.