G-33Group of 33
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Two coalitions stand out in agriculture: the G-33 with defensive interests and the G-20 where offensive interests predominate.
The G-33 relies primarily on research produced by key member countries (e.
Like the G-33, the G-20 also engages in the production of research without endowing itself with a collective research capacity.
As part of a response to these crises, a G-22 was convened in 1998 and a G-33 in 1999, with the G-20 emerging at the end of 1999.
The G-33 proposal on food security aims to address the problems faced by developing countries due to outdated WTO rules, which base agriculture subsidy calculation on external reference prices of 1986-88, even as global food prices have increased manifold during this period.
The G-33 meeting, chaired by the Minister of Trade of Indonesia Gita Wirjawan, was attended by all its 47 member countries.
It is reliably learnt that Sharma is likely to convey to his interlocutors that India's concerns on food security are non negotiable, and he is likely to raise the issue of subsistence farmers of India strongly in the G-33 meeting being convened tomorrow ahead of the ministerial meeting.
Anand Sharma, who will be leading the delegation to Indonesia, said the G-33 group of developing countries supported the stance on the country's food subsidy programme.
While recognizing the importance of Trade Facilitation (TF) and upgrading infrastructure at border, ports and custom procedures for giving a boost to exports, Sharma underscored the need for addressing the concerns of food security, which have been outlined in a proposal presented by G-33 countries.
He further said that a solution to the G-33 proposal would be an important contribution by the WTO towards addressing the challenges of food security in developing countries.
G-33 proposal in this regard needs to be given due consideration.
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