G-33Group of 33
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Maintaining its position as a strong member of the G-33 Pakistan believes in a different approach to finding a solution, Shah added.
Two coalitions stand out in agriculture: the G-33 with defensive interests and the G-20 where offensive interests predominate.
O governo brasileiro insiste no dialogo com o G-33, cuja maioria dos membros e africana, para formar consensos na Rodada de Doha da OMC.
Simple esters such as Loxiol G-33, G40 and G60 for thermal stability, low water sensitivity, and replacement of amide waxes.
It's easy to be confused by the shifting trade groupings that have emerged over the last decades: the G-7 and G-8, the G-22, G-33 and the G-77, to name just a few.
He is industry vice chair of the Government Electronics and Information Technology Association's G-33 Configuration and Data Management Committee.
Looking at the technology involved in greater detail, the ATCR-33S sensor is an S-band (2 to 4 GHz) band sensor that is suitable for both ATM and approach control applications and can be equipped with either a G-33 conventional reflector antenna or an ALE 3 x 5 planar array.
India is a key member of the G-33 alliance, which also includes China and Indonesia, which are seeking a change in the rules for calculation of subsidy.
The G-33, a grouping of 46-member developing nations, including India, China and Indonesia, has proposed to amend the WTO Agreement on Agriculture in order to make foodgrains available to poor people at cheap rates through public distribution system.
2 ( ANI ): Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma, strongly underlining India's concerns at the G-33 meeting here on the eve of the 9th Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization (WTO), and said that food security must be protected from all challenges as it is not only a sensitive issue for India, but also a critical social imperative.
Although a proposal from the G-33, spearheaded by Indonesia, China, Pakistan, the Philippines and India, had already been moved in the run-up to the ministerial meeting in Bali in December, the proposed food security legislation has increased the urgency.
It is reliably learnt that Sharma is likely to convey to his interlocutors that India's concerns on food security are non negotiable, and he is likely to raise the issue of subsistence farmers of India strongly in the G-33 meeting being convened tomorrow ahead of the ministerial meeting.