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G-4Assistant Chief of Staff for Logistics (US DoD)
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Machimura also stressed the need to work with two permanent members China and the United States, which opposed the G-4 resolution, in a bid to win permanent membership.
to director, Force Projection and Distribution, G-4, United States Army, Washington, D.
The United States, moreover, has flatly rejected the G-4 initiative, thus effectively closing the door to Japanese entry as a permanent member.
But even if the G-4 comes up with a new resolution, it may not be able to smoothly bring it up for adoption depending on the outcome of the general elections scheduled in Japan and Germany, the leading countries in the four-member grouping.
This White Paper describes four G-4 Focus Areas we will hold preeminent over the next two years.
In Tokyo on Tuesday, Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi remained cautious and suggested it will not be easy to enlist broad support from AU members for the four nation's reform plan, saying while some took the latest agreement between the G-4 and the AU positively, ''there are many countries in Africa.
Japanese Foreign Minister Nobutaka Machimura flew into New York in the afternoon after talks between G-4 foreign ministers and AU representatives in London to brief U.
But it is uncertain whether both sides can find common ground in merging the G-4 resolution with that of the African Union, the officials said, explaining differences remain even among AU members.
The G-4 is composed of Japan, Brazil, India and Germany, which are aspiring to become permanent members together.
Aisawa also said he would ask the African Union, which submitted its resolution Wednesday, to ''understand the G-4's position'' as the G-4 foreign ministers prepare for meetings on Sunday with their counterparts from Algeria, Libya, Nigeria, and other African nations, in hopes of hammering out a compromise between the two resolutions.
The four nations will now have to wait until July 29 ''at the earliest'' to seek the vote given the tight schedule of the assembly, Japanese Foreign Minister Nobutaka Machimura told reporters after the meeting between the G-4 and African Union ministers.
If the talks fail, the G-4 is likely to postpone its plan to seek a vote around Wednesday on its resolution and continue lobbying to garner at least 128 votes, or two-thirds of the 191 U.