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G-6Group of 6
G-6Army or Marine Corps Component Command, Control, Communications, and Computer Systems Staff Officer (US DoD)
G-6Group of Six Health Professions
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The repeal of the authoritative interpretation will not go into effect unless the amendment to delete G-6.0106b is ratified.
The procession culminated at G-6 Imambarghah late night after passing through its designated route that included G-6 A1/2, Melody Market and Polyclinic.
During the three day campaign in Sector G-6, Sanitation Directorate, City Sewerage Division, Environment Wing, Roads Directorate, Directorate of Municipal Administration, Enforcement Directorate, Street Lights Division, Health Services Directorate and other concerned formations of MCI would perform their duties, which includes sanitation, removal of encroachments, removal of shrubs and wild bushes, repair and maintenance of street lights, repair and maintenance of parks, issues related to water supply, repair and maintenance of streets etc.
'No one has the right to construct gates on CDA land in front of their houses,' he said and added that in next phase operations will be conducted in G-6 and G-7.
Under the same concept, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) had constructed 200 multi-storey flats in G-6 and was to move government employees and their families to these apartments so the old quarters could be demolished for new construction or fund generation purposes.
As per report, the filtration plants installed in the areas of I-8/2, I-10/1, I-9, Mangal Bazar, G-6 Bazar and G-8/1 have been blocked and inactive while 26 filtration plants established in the areas of G-10 Markaz, Aabpara Market, G-6/1-2, G-6/2, G-7/4, G-7/2, Satara Market, G-7/3-1, Masjid Noor Qadeemi, G-7/2 Ali Masjid, I-8/3, G-11/2, G-11/3, F-9 park, G-9/2, F-6/1, Ministers Enclave, Parliament Lodges, Awan-a-Saddar Colony, Margalla Town, G-8/2, I-10/4, Bari Imam Complex, G-10/2 green belt, F-10/1 green belt have been declared unhygienic and hazardous for human health.
ISLAMABAD -- A Ramazan Sasta Bazaar established by Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) here at Sector G-6 is attracting a large number of people.
ISLAMABAD -- Residents of sectors G-7, G-6 and G-9 have demanded the Capital Development Authority (CDA) to take notice of the un-hygienic condition in the sectors due to open waste bins and dumps.
ISLAMABAD -- Weekly bazaar at G-6 could not take place in the wake of PTI and PAT sit ins at Aabpara and the citizens could not purchase commodities for their next week at subsidized rates.
The procession will start from G-6 and will move through Luqman Hakeem road, G-6 service road, Sadar road, Street No.
The water was found unsafe for health in respect of filtration plants located in the sectors including G-11/2, G-11/3, G-10/3, F-10/1, G-9/2 (Green Belt), G-8/1, G-7/3-1 (Noor Qadimi Masjid), G-6 Bazaar, Ministers enclave, parliament house, I-10/1, I-10/2 (Alkhidmat), I-10/4 and G-9/4 (FIA Headquarters).
ISLAMABAD -- Ramazan Sasta Bazaar sector G-6 Islamabad is attracting a large number of people due to the affordable prices.