G-BAGemeinsamer Bundesausschuss (Germany: common federal committee)
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To ensure the proper use of advanced therapy medicinal products, the G-BA is authorized to adopt quality assurance measures.
Fycompa was re-submitted in May 2014 to the G-BA for additional benefit assessment due to a change in the assessment process, but in November of the same year the G-BA determined once again that no additional benefit could be proven.
Eisai temporarily suspended Fycompa from distribution in Germany following the previous negative G-BA ruling in March 2013 and established a patient access program for continued supply of Fycompa free of charge to German pharmacies through individual import to ensure that people with epilepsy continue to receive treatment with Fycompa, while the G-BA considers the resubmission.
This assessment by the G-BA affirms the additional benefit of Halaven, and differs from the preliminary assessment by Germany's IQWiG (Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care)(2) published in February in 2012.
The subject of the contract to be awarded is reception services and security services in the main service building of the joint federal committee (g-ba) in berlin, gutenbergstrasse 13.
On 22.11.2018, the plenum of the federal joint committee (g-ba) has approved the new organized screening program for cancer screening.
the necessary procurement of the insured brochure at the joint federal committee (g-ba) is also the subject of the service to be provided.
According to 137e sgb v, The joint federal committee (g-ba) may consider the examination and treatment methods according to 135 sgb v or 137c sgb v decide on a testing guideline if it comes to the conclusion that a method offers the potential of a necessary treatment alternative, But its usefulness has not yet been sufficiently substantiated.
the federal joint committee (g-ba) intends to procure a database solution that supports the entire process as part of the implementation of 35a sgb v for the evaluation of the benefits of drugs with new active ingredients.
In particular, the project management services include - the invitation to tender and the management of the awarding of the study assignment to a scientific institution in accordance with 25 verfo of the g-ba, - the examination of study protocol and implementation steps for compliance with the requirements of the test guidelines, - the ongoing examination of the financing in accordance with the provisions of section 26 of the german constitutional law, - the preparation of reports on the performance of his duties, - as well as the support of the g-ba in the performance of its duties under 137e sgb v.
subject of the contract to be awarded are maintenance cleaning services in the main service building of the federal joint committee (g-ba) in berlin, Gutenbergstrasse 13, Consisting of 7 floors with office and meeting rooms and a directly attached underground car park in the basement.
the g-ba has developed a framework for the evaluation of the guidelines and regulations published by the g-ba.