G-BOAAGolf-Bravo Oscar Alpha Alpha (aviation; UK)
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The G-BOAA aircraft is the last of British Airways' seven decommissioned Concorde to find a home after the decision last year to end passenger service.
G-BOAA was used for BA's first commercial supersonic flight, from London to Bahrain in January 1976.
Fittingly the plane, G-BOAA, was the one used on British Airways' first commercial supersonic flight from London to Bahrain in January 1976.
It is going to take another four months for aviation experts to restore Concorde G-BOAA to her full splendour.
In the early hours of yesterday morning, G-BOAA was pulled across a live runway at Heathrow before being towed along the A30 and A4 to the dock in Isleworth.
Concorde G-BOAA was the first to go into service with BA, in 1975.