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G-LOCGravity-Induced Loss of Consciousness (also seen as GLOC)
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In 2006, Hughes realized the true potential of the full-coverage G-suit to mitigate G-force induced loss of consciousness (G-LOC) and its need to be integrated into the Air Force's high-G aircraft.
One pilot equipped with the self regulated hydraulic suit had G-LOC but ultimately he passed the test.
First it took that long to fit me with a helmet, flying and survival suit and an anti-G suit which inflates at times of great G-force to stop G-induced loss of consciousness, also known as G-loc.
The human body has a limit to the amount of g it can withstand, sometimes referred to as g-loc (loc stands for loss of consciousness).
Flt Med and AP briefed all wing pilots on the recent rise across the AF of G-induced loss of consciousness (G-LOC) incidents in the F-16.
The AV-8B community must be doing an outstanding job of briefing midair collision, CFIT, G-Loc, and hypoxia hazards because we just don't experience them as often as other aircraft types.