G-ORSGlucose Oral Rehydration to Solution
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However, R-ORS has been reported to be superior to G-ORS in the management of cholera due to V.
In a systematic review of reports on controlled trials that compared the effects of R-ORS and G-ORS in cholera due to V.
fluid was 21% (12/57) in the R-ORS group and 25% (14/56) in the G-ORS group, and the treatment failures were similar to that reported in earlier studies where ORS was used as the maintenance fluid after an initial correction for dehydration in patients with severe cholera and cholera like diarrhoea (15).
Most previous studies reported a 5-19% (average 12%) reduction in the duration of diarrhoea among patients treated with R-ORS over those treated with G-ORS (14,25), irrespective of aetiology of diarrhoea and age of patients.