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Moeller became president and chief executive officer of G-P after completion of the US$21 billion merger.
G-P officials seem optimistic the company will do better under private ownership because it will be able to make investments that as a public company it might have passed over because of opposition from shareholders.
One home, for example, will be built strictly by female G-P employees.
4 million victory barely scratched Georgia-Pacific, and the secret settlement G-P forged with LaPrade to avoid a lengthy appeal may be even more or it may be far less than $15 million.
These operations will be reintegrated into the G-P businesses following the acquisition.
Koch has confirmed that G-P will be operated as a privately held, wholly owned subsidiary of Koch Industries.
G-P intends to have an initial public offering of approximately 15 to 20 percent of the outstanding shares in the new consumer products and packaging company in the third quarter.
Color-Box, LLC, a joint venture between G-P and Chesapeake, designs and manufactures litho-laminated corrugated graphic packaging.
Koch Industries thinks that its private ownership of G-P will allow for capital investments that might well have been effectively vetoed by public shareholders.
G-P expects the sale to generate net after-tax proceeds of approximately $735 million.
G-P sold all its timberland in October to Plum Creek Timber Co.
Cardinal is providing G-P with a variety of services including identifying niche carriers to meet specific transportation needs, insuring multiple carrier availability for just-in-time (JIT) orders and advising G-P of opportunities to guarantee backhauls from surrounding vendors and/or other G-P facilities in an effort to minimize rates.