G-PONGigabit-Passive Optical Network
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Standards provide the foundation for that growth; further demonstrating G-PON capabilities to meet the demands of evolving operator networks.
According to AT&T Inc, the G-PON deployment is planned in 'new build' areas of the local service territories of AT&T affiliates, as part of the company's U-verse network strategy.
The new G-PON triplexers product family for the emerging FTTx market is to be unveiled by Pirelli Broadband Solutions, the new broadband access and photonics company within the Pirelli Group.
The event will provide participating implementers of G-PON and XG-PON equipments with the opportunity to participate in technical workshops specifically focused on electronic equalization, transceiver evolution and wavelength allocation.
The system achieves 128-times larger capacity than that of GE-PON systems and 64-times larger capacity than G-PON systems.
The main goal of Test Event was to demonstrate GPON equipment management interoperability via the ONT Management & Control Interface (OMCI), with focus on best practices documented in the draft ITU-T G-PON G.
This demand is driving the need for carriers to upgrade from B-PON to G-PON.
Industry's Leader in Broadband Passive Analyzers Introduces the First and Only G-PON Protocol Analyzer
It offers an assessment of the processes as well as standards and specifications that need to be defined and/or refined to enable successful deployment of G-PON technology in North America.
AFL's product portfolio includes G-PON, GE-PON and point-to-point electronics, IP / RF Video, system integration and FTTx business modeling capabilities.
Even though Whaleback's service architecture has been operationally proven over fiber, G-PON, xDSL and over-the-air RF access technologies, from day one the system was designed to best leverage existing HFC networks using technologies based on DOCSIS[R] and the PacketCable[TM] specification.
WHO: PMC-Sierra (Nasdaq:PMCS) WHAT: PMC-Sierra will demonstrate its PAS65311 GPON ONT reference design, interoperating with Hitachi, Huawei, Iamba and LS Cable OLTs, at the ITU G-PON Pavilion, in Booth #7408 at NXTcomm.