G-SAMGlobal Society for Asset Management
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The mission of G-SAM is to provide a forum and community for digital asset management users, vendors, consultants and system integrators to raise and solve industry issues," commented Per Sjofors, EVP Strategy and Business Development for G-SAM.
With branches in the United States, Europe and Asia, G-SAM is completely independent, not-for profit, self-funded and vendor-neutral.
G-SAM is kicking off its European division, G-SAM Europe, at the current IBC conference with both a gala cocktail party in an off-site mansion on Sept.
For G-SAM Europe, please contact Adrian Scott, +44 7753 748888, adrian.
This is a unique conference of world-class participants," said Richard Eberhart, founder and executive director of G-SAM.
Full early bird conference participation will be $395 for G-SAM members, $895 for non-members.
G-SAM Leadership Summit/European Chapter Kickoff in Amsterdam at IBC
G-SAM Europe will officially kick off with an exclusive party, following a press conference and worldwide leadership summit, at a private mansion during the leading European broadcast technology show, IBC ( http://www.
The efficient management of digital assets is already of vital importance to many industries, and will be vital to all businesses sooner or later," said Adrian Scott, Chair of G-SAM Europe, "G-SAM provides an essential forum for users, vendors and systems integrators to share information and experiences at every level.