G-TAPGlobal - Team Action Players (UK gaming)
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Requiring no power source to operate, the G-TAP M Series is a family of high-density passive fiber optical TAPs for 10Gb, 40Gb and 100Gb links.
The G-TAP M series is a modular platform that holds up to six TAP modules.
G-TAP M Series -- Key Features & Benefits The G-TAP M Series TAPs utilize advanced thin-film technology to minimize insertion loss when deployed with multimode fiber networks.
Full Fidelity Traffic -- Unlike SPAN ports, which may throttle output based on load, the G-TAP M Series forward all traffic at full line rate, including any errored, malformed and non-standard packets.
No Network Impact -- Because the G-TAP M Series is a fully passive optical TAP, it does not disrupt network traffic, making for a highly reliable non-intrusive monitoring solution.
Visibility Fabric Integration -- The G-TAP M Series is compatible with Gigamon's GigaVUE[sup.
For more information on the GigaVUE and G-TAP solutions, please visit http://www.
For ease of configuration, space efficiency, high reliability, and value, Gigamon's new 1/2-U passive G-TAP is a very attractive network monitoring component," said Patrick Leong, Gigamon's chief technical officer.
Gigamon's G-TAP 1/2-U chassis supports from one to four dual optical tap modules -- up to eight full duplex links per chassis.
All products in the G-TAP or GigaVUE lines are currently available for purchase from Gigamon or Gigamon's authorized resellers.
The new G-TAP and GigaVUE(R) data access switches significantly reduce customers' capital budgets and yield immediate ROI benefits.