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G.SHDSLGlobal.standard High-Bit-Rate Digital Subscriber Line (ITU-T)
G.SHDSLSymmetric High-speed Digital Subscriber Line
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The Canadian telecomms equipment maker Nortel Networks is to enhance its Universal Edge IMAS DSLAM product portfolio to support the International Telecommunication Union's (ITU's) new G.
Paradyne (NASDAQ:PDYN), a leading provider of triple play broadband loop carriers (BLCs) and Ethernet access equipment, today introduced the ability to deliver Ethernet services of greater than 10 megabits per second over two copper pairs using extended rate G.
The BSX8000-5 is optimized for both video and native Ethernet services, supporting residential ADSL2+, bonded ADSL2+, Business-class ADSL2+ Annex M, and native Ethernet transport over bonded T1, E1, or G.
com) introduced today its new LoopStar(TM) Ethernet Module, designed to deliver native Ethernet service over local loop copper facilities using G.