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G.SHDSLGlobal.standard High-Bit-Rate Digital Subscriber Line (ITU-T)
G.SHDSLSymmetric High-speed Digital Subscriber Line
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UniPRO can test four pairs G.SHDSL.bis with EFM bonding simultaneously, which means that telecom engineers can perform multiple tests rather than having to check each cable individually.
"The service mix supported by Avidia, and in particular G.shdsl, has enabled us to expand our service offerings, grow business with existing customers and add new subscribers.
The new 24-port G.shdsl (single pair high-speed DSL) Line Card meets the international G.991.2 ITU standard, supports variable symmetric rates from 192 kbps to 2.3 Mbps, and offers significant improvements in service reach and rates over conventional SDSL technology.
"Combined with Mindspeed's ZipWire G.shdsl modems, this new family of IMA devices offers our customers a complete, scalable DSL solution for new system designs, something none of our competitors can do today," said David Cayer, product line manager with Mindspeed Technologies.
Mindspeed's ZipWirePlus (CX28975) and ZipWireMulti (CX28985) solutions are fully compliant with the International Telecommunications Union's recently ratified G.911.2 (G.shdsl) specifications, for which Mindspeed provided a number of patented technologies related to line provisioning and performance.
The G.SHDSL interface will also simplify the interoperability process between IADs and DSLAMs.
"With WorldDSL G.S modems, ADC customers gain the many benefits afforded by G.shdsl technology," said Rich Brown, product manager for WorldDSL products.
The first module available is for G.shdsl (symmetrical DSL) testing.
Customers will be able to avail of integrated data, voice and video services, voice-over-DSL, G.SHDSL, video-on-demand, multi-media distance learning and video conferencing.