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G.SHDSLGlobal.standard High-Bit-Rate Digital Subscriber Line (ITU-T)
G.SHDSLSymmetric High-speed Digital Subscriber Line
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Today's announcement makes Patton the first manufacturer to offer built-in G.
21 or T1/E1 synchronous-serial port -- in addition to the G.
Paradyne's products support both residential triple play solutions and business class bonded G.
It is the most streamlined and cost-effective of Netopia's G.
The interoperability of different vendors' chipsets is a critical factor that will ensure the rapid deployment and success of G.
This integration is expected to preserve the emerging G.
Verilink will be showcasing the WANsuite 6400, WANsuite 5650 and other G.
ADC's current Wi-Fi solutions support two technology applications: one utilizing any customer DSLAM and the other ADC's PG-FlexPlus(TM) line shelf with G.
NASDAQ:ADTN), The Network Access Company and leading provider of telecommunications equipment, today announces expanded G.
Polycom is displaying a full range of IADs, including the new G.
a leading supplier of data communication products, today announced the Momentum G200 and G400 series high performance G.