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G17Glock 17
G17Anti-Gastrin-17 (anti-serum)
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Where the G19 was a chopped and channeled G17, the new G48 is the opposite.
Besides the G45, Glock has added two other pistols to its Gen5 line: the G17 Gen5 MOS and G19 Gen5 MOS.
I have the broad palms of a cow-milking, fence-building farm boy, and the G17 grip fits my hand better than the G19 grip.
The G17 genotype showed high grain yield and significant regression coefficient, which is statistically different and below then value of one ([beta]1i<1).
The inhibition of the analgesic effects by tested compounds (1-5) was observed higher in G5, G8, G10, G14, G17 than the group treated with standard drug G2 (Fig.
The third group, located at the center of the biplot, had two Es from cluster E-III and two Gs (G17 and G20) from G-V and one (G5) from G-II.
Nesse caso, destacaramse os genotipos G8, G9, G11, G12, G16, G17 e G27, que possibilitaram a obtencao de 72,7 a 76,1% de polpa (Tabela 1).
For rows 17-19, select the numbers in cells G17:J19.
The company says the new office situated at G17 Bedford i-Lab, Standard Way, Priory Business Park, Bedford MK44 3RZ will be able to give customers increased technical and logistic support.
Ratio G17 < 4 G17 [greater G17 < 4 G17 [greater PG-1/PG-2 pmol/l than or pmol/l than or equal PG-1/PG-2 equal to] 4 (severe to] 4 pmol/l (severe pmol/l atrophy) (no atrophy) atrophy) PG-1/PG-2 PG-1/PG-2 PG-1/PG-2 (no atrophy) (no (severe atrophy) atrophy) false - false + <1 1 860 185 26 <2 6 828 180 58 <2.5 10 801 176 85 <3 14 767 172 119 <4 24 685 162 201 <5 44 583 142 303 <6 66 463 120 423 <7 90 361 96 525 <8 114 278 72 608 <9 134 202 52 684 <10 147 156 39 730 Table 4: Identification of antral atrophic gastritis with no account taken of its severity with G-17 and with the ratio PG-1/PG-2.
PAS is an active immunotherapeutic inducing antibodies against the hormone, gastrin 17 (G17), and its precursor, (gly)G17, which play a key role in the development and progression of gastrointestinal and other tumours.
These molecules correspond to esters with a different number of carbon chains (G2 to G17, as shown in Table 1).