G185Glycine at Position 185
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The six new gen-sets in the PowerSource lineup are the G185, G240, G290, G315, G450 and G570 models, which are true to their kVA ratings at 183, 239, 290, 314, 456 and 570 kVA.
Staggered production is scheduled for the additional five generators, with the G185 slated for production in November, the G570 in December, the G290 and G450 in January and the G315 in mid-2007, based on engine availability.
The engine on the new G185 and G240 gen-sets is a 6.8 L six-cylinder John Deere diesel rated 216 and 286 hp at 1800 rpm.
Arch Wood Protection, maker of Natural Select lumber; CSI, maker of Preserve wood; Osmose, maker of NatureWood lumber; USP Structural Connectors; Maze Nails; and the Southern Pine Council also recommend the use of G185 hot-dip galvanized or type 304 and 316 stainless steel fasteners and connectors.