G1P0Gravida 1 Parity 0 (obstetrics)
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Yirmi iki yasinda G1P0 saglikli anneden, 40-41 haftalik olarak sezaryen ile 3 510 g dogan kiz olgunun intrauterin 28.
A 19-year-old woman (G1P0) received prenatal care at a federally funded health center.
2004 28 G2P1 37 Heparin Sleth [8] A.Abu 2006 39 G2P1 28 Plasmapheresis Musa [9] Shih-Chang 2006 28 G1P0 34 Antibiotics, Chuang [10] TPN Alptekin 2006 24 G1P0 37 Gursoy [11] V.
A 26-year-old G1P0 at 40w1d presents in spontaneous labor and is dilated to 4 cm.
La primera mujer, de 31 anos de edad (G1P0), logro el embarazo despues de seis meses de no planificar.
decompression (2015) [3] Alshawi 22 yo G2P1 20 Sigmoidoscopic (2005) [4] detorsion and rectal tube Bandler 28 yo G1P0 16 Laparotomy with et al.
A 21--year-old G1P0 at 35 weeks, 2 days of gestation presents to labor and delivery reporting a "gush of clear fluid." On exam, you confirm she has preterm rupture of membranes.
Our patient is a 19 yo G1P0 with an unplanned pregnancy, who was seen for the 1st time at 20+4 weeks, with syncope and right sided chest pain.
Sarah is a healthy 32-year-old (G1P0) presenting at 8 weeks' gestation for her first prenatal visit.