G1SGood One Side (plywood grade)
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A news crew from Al Jazeera gathered in the corner of a dark room that served as the headquarters of the NGO Muhimu Mapping Project, (18) which trained residents of the informal settlement in GPS, G1S and video technologies to create digital maps of their neighbourhood, which I will call Muhimu.
Those interested in subscribing to Une veritable amie can write to: Comptoir postal Belvedere, CP 20008, Quebec, Qc G1S 4Z2 or write: uva@webnet.
Michel Alary, Centre de recherche, Hopital du St-Sacrement, 1050 Chemin Ste-Foy, Quebec, Quebec, G1S 4L8.
Reprints: Bernard Tetu, MD, Pathology, CHU de Quebec, Hopital du St-Sacrement, 1050 Chemin Ste-Foy, Quebec, QC G1S 4 L8, Canada (e-mail: Bernard.
We corrected our home range estimates by intersecting the Calhome home ranges with 1:50000 topographic maps in a G1S (Maplnfo, 2005) and removing the dry land from the home range before estimating the area.
Through the use of G1S, remote sensing, and Fragstats, suitable habitat was located.
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With the automated G1S process developed in this study, erosivity maps and erosion modelling can be readily upgraded when better rainfall data and models become available.
Conflict resolution by participatory management: Remote sensing and G1S as tools for communicating land-use needs for reindeer herding in northern Sweden.
Dune heights, slopes and orientations were determined using Arc G1S software.