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G26Guanosine at Position 26
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Larvae infected with nematodes were observed with a stereoscope (Leica G26, Barrington, New Jersey, USA) and compound microscope (Carl Zeiss, Jena, Germany) for identification of the nematodes with the taxonomic keys in Nickle (1972) and Nguyen & Smart (1996).
Medical Officers, G26 IIIV/AIDS Service, Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa, Crossroads IIIV/AIDS Service, Cape Town, and Mitchell's Plain IIIV/AIDS Service, Cape Town
O Grupo 3 foi constituido por nove genotipos que, com excecao do G23 e G26, reuniu aqueles que apresentaram frutos com maior porcentagem de polpa e menor porcentagem de casca, variaveis que, juntas, tiveram grande contribuicao na divergencia genetica (Tabela 3).
It's just a smidge bigger than the G42 and far more suited for concealed carry than the 10-plus-one 9mm G26.
It points naturally, and even though the grip is short it is thin enough that it feels properly proportioned (as opposed to the G26, which is short and fat).
During a friend's last deployment, I received an e-mail requesting an ankle rig for a G26, so I sent him mine.
Glock notes the Gen4 G26 and G27 models do not require a modified recoil spring.
G26, Santa Clara, 95050--NAVY $75,160; NAVY $95,000
Located in booth G26, Intransa will demonstrate a standard performance configuration running both a VMware ESX virtualization solution and a multi-camera video surveillance application.
That same "locking point in the hollow of the palm" effect is shared with "baby Glocks" (one reason the G26 has been known to beat full-size G17's for overall championships in Glock matches).
Having carried a Glock as a duty pistol for years, the G26 was a natural choice for me due to the interchangeability of ammo and magazines.
ACCURACY RESULTS | GLCCK GEN4 G26 9mm Luger Bullet Standard Standard Avg.