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G26Guanosine at Position 26
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Larvae infected with nematodes were observed with a stereoscope (Leica G26, Barrington, New Jersey, USA) and compound microscope (Carl Zeiss, Jena, Germany) for identification of the nematodes with the taxonomic keys in Nickle (1972) and Nguyen & Smart (1996).
Medical Officers, G26 IIIV/AIDS Service, Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa, Crossroads IIIV/AIDS Service, Cape Town, and Mitchell's Plain IIIV/AIDS Service, Cape Town
Dortmund, Germany, February 24, 2012 --(PR.com)-- e-Spirit will be presenting the upcoming major release of its Content Management System (CMS) FirstSpirit 5 for the first time at CeBIT 2012 (Hall 6, Stand G26), from March 6 - 10.
Nigel Limming, CMS administrator, Royal Mail letters, Room G26, Peterborough MC, Papyrus Road, Werrington, Peterborough.
To return the address of the maximum value, use this array formula in G26:
Internal alterations to Room G26 and erection of no.
Testing in an Atlas Ci5000 Xenon Weather-Ometer[R] (ASTM test protocol G26) was also included to assess its utility for predicting gloss durability of this series of paints.
The material performs well in accelerated G26, SAE J1960 and QUV weathering tests as well as in two-year outdoor exposure studies in Florida and Arizona.
Expected SSR markers Lp linkage alleles in Progeny with group [F.sub.1] Fm alleles LPSSRK03G05 3 G27a, G30b LPSSRK10B07 6 none none LPSSRK15F05 7 G27a, G27b LPSSRK12E06 2 none LPSSRK10F08 1 G8, G11b, G15, G24, G26, G27a, G27b, G30a, G30b LPSSRH10G02 5 G15 LPSSRK08A09 3 G11b, G15, G24, G27b, G30a LPSSRH02H05 6 none none LPSSRH03A08 2 none LPSSRK02D08 4 G14, G16, G24, G26, G27a LPSSRK11E11 7 G8, G11b, G15, G24, G30a, G30b LPSSRK14F07 7 G11b, G15, G27a, G27b LPSSRH02D10 2 and 6 G11b, G15, G24, G27a, (two loci) G27b, G30a, G30b Table 3.
The coefficients preceding the "SOME Drug" term (G06, G16 and G26) indicate how much these parameters differed for subjects who showed relatively low illegal drug use (vs.
(g26) (38) Eine andere, zunehmend erfolgversprechende Methode besteht in der chemischen Zusammensetzung von Genen durch eine entsprechende Anordnung der DNS-Bausteine (Nukleotide).