G2DGateway to Desktop
G2DGenes to Diseases
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5 Self-Etch Primer G2D (Experimental group) Orthodontic Fill Magic pH Cycling 4.
3) Unfortunately, not only was this target not met, but the detection rate of G2D hardly changed at all.
The latest numerical targets (Zero G2D among paediatric leprosy patients, and Reduction of new leprosy cases with G2D to less than one case per million population) might in theory be achievable, even if M.
30,31) Hence, there has been a shift from placing importance solely on 'elimination' and total new cases found, to emphasising disability rates, for instance, new cases of G2D.
A global goal of reducing the burden of leprosy to one new G2D case per million population by 2020 is recommended by the Committee.