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(8) The G2D rate seen in the current study (66.7%) is much higher than the overall figures reported by WHO in leprosy patients (6.2% worldwide and 4.1% from India).
Under high cariogenic challenge there was an increase in adhesion to the enamel surface (G1D and G2D) (Table 3).
Orthodontic Groups (n = 10) fluoride resins Treatments G1A (Pre-cycling control) Transbond[TM] Plus/ Immediate shear Self-Etch Primer bond * G2A (Pre-cycling control) Orthodontic Fill Magic Immediate shear bond * G1B (Post-cycling control) Transbond[TM] Plus/ Artificial saliva Self-Etch Primer pH 7.0 * G2B (Post-cycling control) Orthodontic Fill Magic Artificial saliva pH 7.0 * G1C (Experimental group) Transbond[TM] Plus/ pH Cycling 5.5 Self-Etch Primer G2C (Experimental group) Orthodontic Fill Magic pH Cycling 5.5 G1D (Experimental group) Transbond[TM] Plus/ pH Cycling 4.5 Self-Etch Primer G2D (Experimental group) Orthodontic Fill Magic pH Cycling 4.5 * Groups not submitted to pH cycling.
(ii) Reduction of new leprosy cases with G2D to < 1 case per million population;
(3) Unfortunately, not only was this target not met, but the detection rate of G2D hardly changed at all.
The latest numerical targets (Zero G2D among paediatric leprosy patients, and Reduction of new leprosy cases with G2D to less than one case per million population) might in theory be achievable, even if M.
(3) However, from 2004_2007 new case detection dropped by 75%, but the proportion of G2D cases increased by 38%.
(30,31) Hence, there has been a shift from placing importance solely on 'elimination' and total new cases found, to emphasising disability rates, for instance, new cases of G2D.
The main indicators proposed are number and rate of new cases detected per 100,000 per year, number and rate of new cases with Grade 2 Disability (G2D) detected per million population per year and treatment completion/cure rate for patients treated with WHO MB and PB multidrug therapy.
This editorial also discusses uncertainties about the indicator new cases with G2D detected per million population behaviour in a scenario of reduction of leprosy transmission.