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We identified South Park as an ideal opportunity," said G2K managing director Graham Cox (who was formerly with the MLC) "because its appeal spans many age groups and because the Chef character sits so well with food.
The study, in which the MegaBACE(TM) 1000 DNA sequencer is being used for the high-throughput sequencing of genomic information from giant tubeworms and deep-sea dwelling microbes, was presented to researchers from all over the world at the G2K ("G2K: Back to Science," Advances in Genome Biology and Technology I) Conference.
Katsaros has in-depth experience designing and implementing customer-centric sales and marketing programs, negotiating contracts and developing market launch programs for global customers, encompassing raw startups to G2K corporations.
NASDAQ:LJLB) today presented results from two Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) genotyping studies performed at Columbia University (New York, NY) and Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU - Richmond, VA) at the G2K - Advances in Genome Biology and Technology Conference (G2K).
OTC BB:EGNS) announced Friday that they have appointed Earl Brockelsby to bring the company's G2K tools products to the IBM market in the shortest possible time frame.