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G2K was at the forefront of using computerized technology in the modernization of the JLP's campaign.
He spent several years in the Bruce Golding-led NDM, and later served as a leader of G2K, and JLP Senator (2005-2006).
"G2K recently opened a new office in Amsterdam and they have given us some useful advice that will help with our expansion plans.
Survey measures Granger-cause inflation if [[lambda].sub.a] [not equal to] g2k [not equal to] 0.
Hedberg believes that ServiceNow offers a "disruptive" platform automation engine with a significant runway, adding that its G2K penetration within existing accounts is in the early stages.
Quantity: lot 1: gasoline a-95:-4000 l, gasoline a-92: 12000 l, gasoline a-80: 4000 l, diesel: 25,000 l of LOT-2 Mobil 10W40 oils (pE1/4vsintetika)-48 l (or equivalent), oils 5 W40 Mobil (synthetic)-16 l (or equivalent), oils 5W40 ELF (or equivalent)-12 l, oil 15W40 Mobil (mineral) (or ekE1/4valent)-32 l, oils m-10 G2K (or equivalent) diesel-200 l oil transmission nE1/4grol-20 l oil transmission tad-17 (or equivalent)-17 l