G30SGerakan 30 September (Indonesian: The 30 September Movement; referring to the allegedly Communist plotters/conspirators of 30 Sep 65 coup)
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Conceptually, the G30S makes a lot of sense, but the proof is always in the shooting.
In short, the G30S shoots well, carries well, and offers the magazine capacity to address the problems SIS officers are most likely to face.
I have a full-size G21 that has been subjected to a frame reduction, and the frame on my G21 is still smaller in size than the SF frame of the G30S. But the G21 is a full-size pistol.
The G30, while useful, was perhaps not well-thought-out, with its porky G21-size slide.
The larger frame pistols Glock produces in .45 ACP--the full size G21 and the shorter G30 feel "fat" to many shooters' hands, and require a fairly long reach to the trigger.
As a result, the G37 comes with a slide about as thick across as a G21's or a G30's.
Soon after the G30S incident, Liem was detained as a political prisoner due to his indirect involvement in the educational activities of the Badan Permusjawaratan Kewarganegaraan Indonesia (BAPERKI, Indonesian Citizenship Consultative Body).
As Hien was able to access confidential information issued to President Soekarno, he attributed the G30S incident to a CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) plot to overthrow the government by instigating a rumour that the President was very ill and that some members of the army were planning to seize power from him (p.
What follows is a brief assessment of the PKI's strength and support in NTT in 1965; the initial response to G30S in NTT; the first actions taken against the PKI; and descriptions of events later cited as examples of G30S plans for NTT.
The G30S provided the Army with an excellent reason to turn their guns against the communists and crush them once and for all.
Indonesia's official historiography focuses heavily on G30S and blames the PKI for the death of these army officers, while at the same time excluding all violence committed against the accused PKI members and other Leftists during what can be called a military's annihilation project in 1965-68.