G3AAir Operations Element of the G3 Section
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Among WD-NETs, there were 14 patients (16.9%) in G1 ([less than or equal to]2%), 19 patients (22.9%) in G2a (3-9%), 9 patients (10.8%) in G2b (10-20%), and 28 patients (33.7%) in G3a (>20%) (Table 1).
DNA was isolated from the original seed stock (Generation 0) and control (G3A) and test plants (G3H) from Generation 3.
2), as well as physco-chemical properties and field observations of soil and vegetation cover, the soils were classified in terms of vegetation and salt crusts as follows: (G1) uniform crop stand by deep red and smooth soil textures; (G2) barren landscape with weak vegetation cover; (G3a) completely barren land with salt efflorences; and (G3b) barren landscape with moderate vegetation cover.
G3A, 625 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10011.
GFR G1 High and 90-120 stage optimal G2 Mild 60-90 G3a Mild- 45-59 moderate G3b Mild- 30-44 moderate G4 Severe 15-29 Kidney G5 failure < 15 Albuminuria stage A1 A2 A3 Optimal and High Very high high-normal and nephrotic <29 30-299 [greater than or equal to] 300
1B shows that the risk of cardiovascular mortality for a patient whose GFR value falls into the G3a stage increases from a value near the reference (green) to the highest risk (red) as albuminuria increases (2).
GFR categories (mL/min per 1.73[m.sup.2]) A1 A2 A3 Noral to Moderate Severe mild ACR of ACR > ACR < 30-300 30 mg/g 30 mg/g mg/g G1 Normal [greater 1 if CKD 1 2 than or equal to]90 G2 Mild 60-89 1 if CKD 1 2 G3a Moderate 45-59 1 2 3 G3b Moderate 30-44 2 3 3 G4 Severe 15-29 3 3 4+ G5 ESRD <15 4+ 4+ 4+
The multiple alignments showed 11 different alleles for hspA (designated H1a,b,c,d; H2a,b,c,d; H3a,b,c) and six different alleles for glmM (designated G1; G2a,b; G3a,b; G4).