G3AAir Operations Element of the G3 Section
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These are a G3A transition at nucleotide (nt) 845 (C282Y in the protein) and a C3T transition at nt 187 (H63D).
Country-specific sales forecasts for the seven major markets, based on IMS MIDAS data covering key ATC classes G3A, G3D, G3H, H1C1 (L2A) and H1C3
change (a) change effect 1 87 C3A F29L Missense 2 244-252ins9 82-84insIAQ Duplication 3 287 T3C I96T Missense 4 391 A3G K101E Missense 5 1096 C3T R366X Nonsense 6 1199 T3A I400N Missense 7 1600 C3T R534C Missense 8 1682 C3T A561V Missense 9 1714 G3C G572R Missense 10 1862 G3A S621N Missense 11 1886 A3G N629S Missense Mutation Region Exon Reference no.