G3PGlycerol 3 Phosphatase
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In addition to enzymatic pathways, MG also can be formed spontaneously in plants by non-enzymatic mechanisms from glycolysis and from photosynthesis intermediates like G3P and DHAP underphysiological conditions (Kaur et al.
Examples show how high [A, left; ENOA (2C)] and low [A, right; HNRH2 (1C)] expression changes or up- [B, left; G3P (40H)] and down- [B, right; MARCKS (6H)] regulation were identified by the DeCyder 2D software.
6] Another reason may be mutation in GPD1 (glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase) causing severe but transient hypertriglyceridemia, possibly by limiting the conversion of G3P to DHAP, and thus causing an increase in the amount of hepatic G3P available for TG synthesis.
1mM and 20 mM G3P, 38-40% U (VI) can be biomineralized.