G3PDHGlyceraldehyde-3-Phosphate Dehydrogenase (also seen as GAPDH)
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The reaction conditions were optimized to favor amplification of SARS-CoV gRNA and sgRNA; thus, when they were present at high levels, amplification of G3PDH was reduced.
Table 1: Primer sequence of examined genes and PCR conditions Gene Product Annealing Direction Sequence size (bp) ([degrees]C) (5'-3') SOD 410 55 Forward AGGATTAACTGAA GGCGAGCAT Reverse TCTACAGTTAGCA GGCCAGCAG GPX 407 57 Forward AAGGTGCTGCTCA TTGAGAATG Reverse CGTCTGGACCTAC CAGGAACn IL-4 327 57 Forward AGGTCAACACCAC GGAGAAC Reverse AGGACATGGAAGT GCAGGAC IFN- 321 58 Forward AGGAAAGAGCC [gamma] TCCTCTTGG Reverse TCTACCCCAGAAT CAGCACC G3PDH 309 52 Forward AGATCCACAACG GATACATT Reverse TCCCTCAAGATTG TCAGCAA SOD: Superoxide dismutase, PCR: Polymerase chain reaction, GPX: Glutathione peroxidase, IL-4: Interleukin-4, IFN-[gamma]: Interferon-gamma G3PDH: Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase Table 2: Effect of different treatments on E.
5, PCR products of bcr-abl and G3PDH transcripts were not amplified from the wells of negative reverse transcription.
The area under the curve was normalized against G3PDH content.
B] was unique to populations from Mary's River and Reese Riven In contrast, northern populations of species B, such as those from Stikine River, Terrace, Prince George, and Manning Park had no unique alleles, although clines in relative frequencies of G3PDH and LDH-1 alleles were evident [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 2 OMITTED].
Molecular studies show some divergence between the genomes of these cytotypes in nuclear markers (allozyme frequency differences at several loci, a fixed restriction site difference in ribosomal DNA repeats for the enzyme Xmn I, and a possible gene duplication at the G3PDH locus in the F5 race), and considerable divergence in the mitochondrial DNA genomes (Sites et al.