G3RGerman 3lite Ranger (gaming clan)
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(44.) For a selection of other shows with one or two central figures see Doctor Faustus (1616), E4r; 1 If you Know Not Me, D1v; Birth of Merlin, C3r; Pericles, C1v, G3r; Lovesick Court, I2v, L3v.
The bed might be revealed within the discovery space, if the scene's closing stage direction "He beares her out" (G3r) indicates that Sextus forcefully carries Lucrece into the discovery area, suggesting what is to happen to her.
(26) Kyd, Solyman and Perseda, sigs F1v -F2r and G3r.
AlarmTraqT is the ONLY multiport solution on the market today that will not only capture and acknowledge alarms from communications systems including Definity G3r, G3si, G3csi, S8700, S8500, S8300 as well as Definity Audix and Intuity Audix, but can also automatically dial-back into the system and perform pre-defined commands (tests) on the maintenance object that triggered the alarm, and automatically email the test results to the technician(s) assigned to that site or account.
The hub of the network is Definity G3R, which handles up to 20,000 stations.
(15) In The Honest Lawyer (1615) figures disguised as fairies torment Gripe by pinching, gagging, and then robbing him, with his response 'Oh Oh Oh' (G3r).
It is noteworthy, as Astington argues, that although Old Merry-thought is directed to be positioned "within" (Q1, G3r, G3v, G4r), his song, "Go from my window ..." (G3v) and his speech, "Come aloft Boyes, aloft" (G4v) (29) seem to suggest his use of the upper level.
(26) Henry Shirley, The Martyred Soldier (1638; stc: 22435), F1v, F2r; Thomas Middleton, A Trick to Catch the Old One (1608; stc: 17896), G3r.
The fifteen examples of fingers encompass a wide variety of actions, most commonly "lays his finger on his mouth" to signal silence (Antonio's Revenge, 2.2.215) but also to make the sign of the cross (Perkin Warbeck, 2.2.83), to threaten ("with his Finger menaces Eulalia"--Queen and Concubine, 22), to taste ("takes of the honey, with his finger, and tastes"--Sejanus, 5.177), or to torment Falstaff ("They put the Tapers to his fingers, and he starts"--Merry Wives, G3r, 5.5.88).
/ Your worst of horror is best welcome to me' (G3r), and soon after comes 'Thunder and Lightning, Devils run laughing over the stage: Tarpax with 'em'(H 1 r).