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G40Generation 40 (Zimbabwe African National Union)
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The G40 has all of the harsh, boxy lines of something that would normally be found in a Craftsman toolbox; the designers at Glock long-ago having decided that graceful, sexy lines are for 1964 Jaguars and Sports Illustrated swimsuit models.
The G40 grip was too large for my hands and I wasn't crazy about the trigger.
Speaking of the G40 MOS, it was recently introduced, and like all Glock pistols, it is a polymer-framed, striker-fired pistol with Glock's "Safe Action" trigger system.
Tony tells Insider: "Having driven the G40 on a number of occasions, I couldn't wait to get out there and race one!
Mr BrooK will taKe delivery of his fully taxed and road legal G40 Club Car in early 2014, which signals the start of his journey towards becoming a fully-fledged racing driver.
As medias registradas em todos os momentos nos grupos G21 e G40 permaneceram abaixo dos valores esperados e, para o G60 e G80, pode-se observar que somente em M0 esta variavel esteve dentro da normalidade (Tabela 1).
Seb Morris (inset) at the wheel of his Ginetta G40 in the season's opener at Brands Hatch (main)
To increase the productivity potential for the G40, a 4,542 L (1,200 gal) tank option has been added.
Graco's G15 and G40 air-assisted spray guns provide high-quality finishes with a wide variety of solvent and waterborne materials.
Abstract: The paper presents some experimental tests on hard sintered alloys, G40 type of metal carbide material during the electric discharge machining process.
Optasense (RMA50, RMA52, RMA53, RMC70) liquid dispersion polymers allow for the creation of simple creams and lotions while Optasense G40 provides an economical solution for clear gel systems.