G4BGraduates for Business (UK project)
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Capa 2: 172 /1 I3C, 799 J4C, 813 I4C, 125 J4C, 815 I4D, 168/6 G4B, 806 J4D, 878 L3C, 168/7 G4B, 858 K3D, 163/1 G3D, 171/2 I4A, 176 I3C, 348 K3D.
It also plans to create an electronic civil affairs service system called G4C (e-government for citizens), and a one-stop business support service system named G4B (e-government for businesses), to provide non-Koreans with online information services for issues related to foreign business operations.
The company has achieved continuous growth and spearheaded notable projects, including building the Government Directory Service, which is the largest LDAP System in Korea for e-government PKI, G4C, G4B.