G4CGames for Change (New York, NY)
G4CGovernment for Citizen
G4CGeneration for Collaboration (UK)
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G4C is passionate about focusing on young people and showcasing the young talent in the industry.
Suzanne Seggerman, G4C co-founder and president, said that a majority of mainstream games fail, and that rate increases for social issue games.
Eve Wilson is a cost manager at Turner & Townsend and G4C North East Co-Chair
The dinner was attended by over 250 construction professionals and recognised individuals from categories including Trainee of the Year, Apprentice of the Year, Student of the Year, New Professional and Young Achiever - G4C.
Catriona Lingwood, chief executive of Constructing Excellence North East, said: "I am delighted with the response we received for the first G4C North East Awards and all finalists should be congratulated on their achievements.
G4C is part of Constructing Excellence, a construction body dedicated to delivering improved industry performance to achieve a better built environment, and offers its members access to innovative industry thinking and networking opportunities with a broad crosssection of industry professionals.
Sponsored by Northern Counties Builders Federation Winner: Jenna Graham, nominated |by Aone+ ThIS Year's Young Achiever is equally passionate about the industry as well as adopting aspects of the G4C vision and promoting a positive image of construction sector.
2014 CENE Highly Commended Young Achiever of the Year Award winner - G4C Alison Mee <B
Young Achiever - G4C winner <B Richard Marsden with Graham Howard, president of Northern Counties Builders Federation
In September, G4C will be holding a Building Information Modelling (BIM) seminar.
He was involved in the set up and development of the G4C North East group and very much believes in promoting young professionals to engage with not only their professional bodies but also Government and other sectors.
CONSTRUCTING Excellence's regional group, Generation for Change - otherwise known as G4C - brings together the younger generation of construction industry professionals with the overarching aim of improving future working practices and driving the positive change the industry needs.